This Year's Adventures!

August 2014 In August we meet one Saturday evening to plan our next Scouting year (September 2014 through July 2015), month by month.  Anything goes!  If the Scouts want to do it, and are willing to raise the funds, we can do it.

Also, 2014 was a Super-Trip year.  So the next is in 2016, where we will take a high adventure trip that the Scouts will plan.  Could be hiking in Wyoming, canoeing in Canada, Sailing in the gulf, or whatever the troop can imagine!

September 2014 Troop elections, Tree house campount, Adopt-a-spot, Junior Leader Training, Troop leaders council

October 2014 Primitive campout, Court of Honor

November 2014 Recruiting Climbing/Rappelling campout, Troup leaders council

December 2014 Woodcutting campout, Holiday party

January 2015 Misery campout, Junior Leader Training

February 2015 Extreme ski trip, Shrove Tuesday pancake supper

March 2015 Apocalypse campout, Troop elections, Junior Leader Training, Troop leaders council

April 2015 Adopt-a-spot, Competition campout

May 2015 District Derby Days service project, Spring Court of Honor, Memorial Day Air Show fund raiser, IBEX shut-in campout

June 2015 Troop leaders council, Parent/Son float trip, Summer Camp at Hohn Scout Reservation

July 2015 Climbing tower, Parent-Son softball game, Swimming at Quarry Heights