Typical Troop 707 Calendar


* All meetings are at Calvary Episcopal Church (CEC), from 7:00 pm until about 8:30pm unless otherwise noted.

* Names of the month were removed to avoid confusion with the actual calender.

* Contact the Scout Master or Committee Chair for more information. Their contact information is HERE on the home page.


Month 1

Fri       1          Scout night at the races in Fulton

Tue      5          Scout meeting (swim party) at Quarry Heights Park

Tue      12        Scout meeting (troop elections); Parent meeting

Sa-Su  16-17   CAMPOUT - Parent / Scout float trip

Tue      19        Scout meeting, location TBA

Sat       23        Water skiing trip

Tue      26        Troop Leaders Council meeting (TLC)

Sa/Su   30/1     Caving at Devil’s Icebox


Month 2

Tue      3          Scout meeting; Parent meeting

Sa-Su  7-8       CAMPOUT – Primitive

Tue      10        Scout meeting

Thu      12        BSA Open House

Sat       14        Adopt-a-Spot clean-up afternoon (Conservation Project)

Tue      17        Scout meeting (FALL COURT OF HONOR) at CEC

Tue      24        Scout meeting

Tue      31        No meeting (Halloween)


Month 3          Popcorn Sales month (starts 1st, orders due in office 28th)

Sat       4          Popcorn Blitz Day in the Green Meadows neighborhood (Details TBA)

Sun      5          Popcorn Group Sales at Super Wal-Mart on Conley Rd (10 AM – 3:00 PM)

Tue      7          Scout meeting; Parent meeting

Sa-Su  11-12   CAMPOUT – Climbing and Rappelling

Tue      14        Scout meeting

Sat       18        Popcorn Group Sales at Hy-Vee (Details TBA)

Tue      21        No meeting (Thanksgiving week)

Tue      28        TLC (6:00), Scout meeting; Parent meeting


Month 4          (popcorn distributed on 9th. Money due in office on 20th)

Sa-Su  2-3       CAMPOUT – Woodcutting

Tue      5          Scout meeting

Tue      12        Scout meeting and Holiday Party

            No more meetings in December


Month 5          (pancake ticket sales start on 9th)

Tue      2          No meeting (no school)

Tue      9          Scout meeting; Parent meeting

Tue      16        Scout meeting

Tue      23        Scout meeting

Sa-Su  27-28   If the troop has not camped out yet this month, the troop will camp this weekend. Misery campout.

Tue      30        TLC meeting


Month 6

Sun      4          Scout Sunday at CEC

Tue      6          Scout meeting; Parents meeting

Sa-Su  10-11   CAMPOUT – Winter Ski trip to Colorado

Tue      13        Scout meeting

Tue      20        Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper

Tue      27        Scout meeting


Month 7          Scouting for Food (bag distribution on 3rd, food pickup on 10th)

Sat       3          District Derby Days – Service Project

Tue      6          Scout meeting; Parent meeting

Sa-Su  10-11   CAMPOUT – Commando

Tue      13        Scout meeting (Troop Elections)

Sat       17        Merit Badge College

Sat 17 – Sun 18 – Junior leader training and new scout program

Tue      20        TLC meeting

Tue      27        No meeting – Spring Break


Month 8          Competition Month

Tue      3          Scout meeting

Tue      10        Scout meeting

Sat       14        Adopt-a Spot Clean-up Afternoon (Conservation Project)

Tue      17        Scout meeting

Tue      24        Scout meeting; Parent meeting

Sa-Su  28-29   CAMPOUT – Competition


Month 9

Tue      1          Scout meeting

Tue      8          Scout meeting

Sat       12        Possible Quarry Heights Park cleanup

Tue      15        Scout meeting (SPRING COURT OF HONOR) at CEC; Parent meeting

Sa-Su  19-20   CAMPOUT - Survival

Tue      22        Scout meeting, location TBA; Parent meeting

Sa-Su  26-27   Memorial Day Air Show

Tue      29        TLC


Month 10

Tue      5          Scout meeting, location TBA

Tue      12        Scout meeting, location TBA

Tue      19        Scout meeting, location TBA and Parent meeting

Su-Sa  24-30   Summer Camp at Camp Hohn

Wed    27        Parent’s Night at Summer Camp


Month 11

Tue      3          No meeting

Tue      10        Water Park trip

Fr-Su   13-22   Possible High Adventure trip?

Tue      24        Parent-Son softball game

Tue      31        Swim Party at Quarry Heights Park


Month 12

Sun      19        Troop Planning meeting for next year