Typical Troop 707 Calendar


* All meetings are at Calvary Episcopal Church (CEC), from 7:00 pm until about 8:30pm unless otherwise noted.

* Contact the Scoutmaster or Committee Chair for more information. Their contact information is HERE on the home page.



Fri       1          Scout night at the races in Fulton

Tue      5          Scout meeting (swim party) at Quarry Heights Park

Tue      12        Scout meeting (troop elections); Parent meeting

Sa-Su  16-17   CAMPOUT - Parent / Scout float trip

Tue      19        Scout meeting, location TBA

Sat       23        Water skiing trip

Tue      26        Troop Leaders Council meeting (TLC)

Sa/Su   30/1     Caving at Devil’s Icebox



Tue      3          Scout meeting; Parent meeting

Sa-Su  7-8       CAMPOUT – Primitive

Tue      10        Scout meeting

Thu      12        BSA Open House

Sat       14        Adopt-a-Spot clean-up afternoon (Conservation Project)

Tue      17        Scout meeting (FALL COURT OF HONOR) at CEC

Tue      24        Scout meeting

Tue      31        No meeting (Halloween)


November          Popcorn Sales month (starts 1st, orders due in office 28th)

Sat       4          Popcorn Blitz Day in the Green Meadows neighborhood (Details TBA)

Sun      5          Popcorn Group Sales at Super Wal-Mart on Conley Rd (10 AM – 3:00 PM)

Tue      7          Scout meeting; Parent meeting

Sa-Su  11-12   CAMPOUT – Climbing and Rappelling

Tue      14        Scout meeting

Sat       18        Popcorn Group Sales at Hy-Vee (Details TBA)

Tue      21        No meeting (Thanksgiving week)

Tue      28        TLC (6:00), Scout meeting; Parent meeting


December          (popcorn distributed on 9th. Money due in office on 20th)

Sa-Su  2-3       CAMPOUT – Woodcutting

Tue      5          Scout meeting

Tue      12        Scout meeting and Holiday Party

            No more meetings in December


January          (pancake ticket sales start on 9th)

Tue      2          No meeting (no school)

Tue      9          Scout meeting; Parent meeting

Tue      16        Scout meeting

Tue      23        Scout meeting

Sa-Su  27-28   If the troop has not camped out yet this month, the troop will camp this weekend. Misery campout.

Tue      30        TLC meeting



Sun      4          Scout Sunday at CEC

Tue      6          Scout meeting; Parents meeting

Sa-Su  10-11   CAMPOUT – Winter Ski trip to Colorado

Tue      13        Scout meeting

Tue      20        Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper

Tue      27        Scout meeting


March          Scouting for Food (bag distribution on 3rd, food pickup on 10th)

Sat       3          District Derby Days – Service Project

Tue      6          Scout meeting; Parent meeting

Sa-Su  10-11   CAMPOUT – Iron Chef or Bicycle

Tue      13        Scout meeting (Troop Elections)

Sat       17        Merit Badge College

Sat 17 – Sun 18 – Junior leader training and new scout program

Tue      20        TLC meeting

Tue      27        No meeting – Spring Break


April          Competition Month

Tue      3          Scout meeting

Tue      10        Scout meeting

Sat       14        Adopt-a Spot Clean-up Afternoon (Conservation Project)

Tue      17        Scout meeting

Tue      24        Scout meeting; Parent meeting

Sa-Su  28-29   CAMPOUT – Competition



Tue      1          Scout meeting

Tue      8          Scout meeting

Sat       12        Possible Quarry Heights Park cleanup

Tue      15        Scout meeting (SPRING COURT OF HONOR) at CEC; Parent meeting

Sa-Su  19-20   CAMPOUT - Survival

Tue      22        Scout meeting, location TBA; Parent meeting

Sa-Su  26-27   Memorial Day Air Show

Tue      29        TLC



Tue      5          Scout meeting, location TBA

Tue      12        Scout meeting, location TBA

Tue      19        Scout meeting, location TBA and Parent meeting

Su-Sa  24-30   Summer Camp at Camp Hohn

Wed    27        Parent’s Night at Summer Camp



Tue      3          No meeting

Tue      10        Water Park trip

Fr-Su   13-22   Possible High Adventure trip?

Tue      24        Parent-Son softball game

Tue      31        Swim Party at Quarry Heights Park



Sun      19        Troop Planning meeting for next year