Supertrips and The Ballad of 707

The Ballad of 707 was a musical history of the Supertrips of Troop 707
(The Ballad is sung to the tune of Fireman Bill)

Lyrics written and edited between Dove Creek and Placerville, Colorado

June 10, 1976

by Crew II

"Whitewater '76"

My Brother Bill (original, UK version)
My brother Bill is a fireman bold 
He puts out fires. 
He went to a fire last night I’m told 
‘Cause he puts out fires. 
The fire lit some dynamite, 
Which blew poor Bill right out of sight, 
But where he’s gone he’ll be all right, 
‘Cause he puts out fires.
Fireman Bill (the version 707 sang in the 70's)
Fireman Bill was a fireman bold
cause he puts out the fires.
He went to a fire late one night,
cause he puts out the fires.
The fire got near some dynamite,
blew poor Bill clean out of sight,
where he goes he'll be alright,
cause he puts out the fires.

  707 is a mean old team
Cuz we're moving on

Started out new in '66
with snotty nosed kids and space food sticks
but don't you worry we'll be alright
cuz we're movin on


Went up north in '69
hooked a fish but he broke the line
that's all right we're doing just fine
cuz we're moving on


Went out west in '71
loaded our packs to have some fun
we lost Mike White one dark old night
but we're moving on


Went back north in '73
and had ourselves a V.T.T.
we watched Jay puke in a cookie can
but we're moving on


Went up north to see the snow
froze our tails at 40 below
why we did it, we'll never know
but we're moving on


Canoed Isle Royale in '75
10 foot waves and blistered hides
we took it all in one big stride
cuz we're moving on


What comes next nobody knows
but our pride and spirit always shows
we've got guts and are ready to go
cuz we're moving on


If anyone remembers their supertrip days, feel free to contact me, Hal Johnson, at I'd like to add a few more verses, or at least have a list of the other supertrips, and maybe a photo or two.

707 Supertrips

1969 - Canada float?

1971 - somewhere west?

1973 - VTT '73

1973-4 - Snowshoes on the Gunflint

Link to the Snowshoes on the Gunflint 73-74 trip log

1975 - Canoed Isle Royale

1976 - White Water '76

I was surprised there wasn't a Whitewater '76 verse since the ballad was written during that trip. That was my first supertrip, and I remember we rafted the San Miguel and Dolores rivers. Some even navigated Snaggletooth, a class IV rapid on the Dolores.

1979 - I think that year we went to Philmont.

1981 - Canadian Clear Water (CCW '81)

That year we went to the boundary waters of Canada and Minnisota where I remember the canoeing was a blast, the portages, not so much. Also, the mosquitos were very friendly.

Link to the CCW '81 trip log
I like the part about Surprise Island.

1982 - Philmont Trek

1983 - Lost Ranger Trek - (LRT '83)

That year Greg Scott took a van of scouts to Colorado, where somewhere near the Continental Divide the van broke down. It busted the lower radiator hose at the connection to the radiator. While the scouts hiked to a nearby mountain stream to get water, Greg was able to stretch and secure an inch shorter radiator hose between the engine and radiator. We made it.

Link to the LRT '83 trip log

1985 - Royale Expedition - Canoeing Isle Royale

Link to the Royale Expedition '85 trip log

1987 - Sierra Mahdre Range (SMR '87)

Link to the SMR '87 trip log
Check out the day 5 rap by DJ Sammy A - aka: Sam the Man

1989 - Kopka River Experience (KRE '89)

Link to the KRE '89 trip log



1994 - Eagle Soar '94

Looking through slides found one with Greg and another scout standing by a trail sign with Curecanti Pass, which is in Gunnison National Forest in Colorado.

Link to the Eagle Soar '94 menu

1997 - Canadian River Trek (CRT '97)

Link to the CRT '97 trip log

Also in 97 was a whitewater trip to NC (North Carolina?)

1999 - Trail Climb '99

From Scoutmaster at the time, Don Harter:
Trail Climb was the collegiate peaks area of Colorado. Our last day a group climbed Mt. Columbia to see the sun rise. We also could not get the bus to start after sitting a week. Engine was diesel and just blew out a fog of diesel fumes. We built a fire and drained the engine oil into a cook pot. The heated oil allowed the engine to start.

Link to the Trail Climb '99 trip log

2000 - Kicken' In The Keys - Changes in Latitude

2002 - Roaming Wyoming

2004 - Oot'n Aboot - Canada boundary waters float

Link to the Ott 'n Aboot 2004 trip log

2006 - Wading to Alaska

Link to the Wading to Alaska '06 trip log

2008 - Railin' in the Rockies

Link to the Railin' the Rockies '08 trip log

2010 - Shark Bait

2012 - Rockin' Royale - Hiked around Isle Royale

Link to the Rockin' Royale 2012 trip log

2014 - Redwoods - Journey of a Thousand Trees

Hiked through the Redwoods and along the Redwood River

Link to the Redwoods 2014 trip log

2016 - Marshall Law (ML '16)

Celebrating 50 years of 707 - Hiked in the Bob Marshall Wilderness

2018 - Canyonlands Cruise

Floated the Green River into the Colorado River

2020 - nuttin' due to Covid-19